Almost every major skincare brand has a Hyaluronic Acid serum, cream or mist. An ingredient considered a staple in most skin care routines and often described as a miracle worker for dry and dehydrated skin, not to mention that it is sensitive skin friendly. If you ever shopped for this ingredient, you were probably told that it holds up to a 1000 times its weight in water.

While that is an exaggerated number, Hyaluronic Acid is in fact a humectant, no a hydrator, which means it attracts water from the environment which makes it expand like a sponge, rendering the plumped skin effect that most of us are after. That's only the case if there is water to absorb. If you live in a humid climate, or spray your face throughout the day, you will reap the benefits of this molecule. Otherwise, if you are using the serum alone, or following it with an oil rather than a water-rich moisturizer, you may be doing your skin more harm than good. The Hyaluronic Acid will be absorbing water from your skin layers while sitting atop the epidermis, causing dehydration and water loss.


As I was doing my research on this topic, I came across a couple dermatologists that share my opinion. However, they recommended applying Hyaluronic Acid on wet skin after you wash it. I strongly disagree. If you read my blog about water, you would surmise that tap water has a number of contaminants which can potentially be damaging to your skin. After washing, you want to quickly pat dry your skin, then spray a natural rose water, chamomile water, or some other mild toner or essence before applying your HA serum or any other product for that matter. Also, make sure to follow your Hyaluronic Acid Serum with a water-based lotion or cream. If you are extra dehydrated, you can reactivate your HA throughout the day with a water-based spray.

Here is the list of some of our favorite Hyaluronic Acid products:

1- Agent Nateur Holi Water Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner: This is hands down the BEST toner / essence for reasons beyond just hyaluronic Acid. It's magic in a bottle! We ADORE the simplicity first of all. The one product replaces your toner, essence and hydrating serum. It hydrates, plumps, brightens, promotes collagen production while helping fight acne and enlarged pores. Worth every dime of the $88 price tag. You want to dampen your skin with a spritz or two and follow immediately with your moisturizer, oil, or balm.

2- Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer: A lovely lightweight moisturizer for normal, combination or dehydrated skin. It contains a vegan form of HA (Sodium Hyaluronate), Spirulina, Matcha and botanical Ceramides among a number of other powerful antioxidants, in a base of Aloe Vera, that protect skin from aging and help maintain its balance and glow. This is a no-brainer for $42.

3- Odacité Ultra Effective Eye Contour: This is the one stop shop to take care of the delicate eye area no matter the age or skin concern. Ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types. The perfect balance between efficacy and hydration while packing a nutrient punch!

4- Agent Nateur Holi (Bright) Resurface Glass Face Mask: This luscious mask is formulated with a combination of powerful ingredients, including aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber, this brightening beauty-boosting, resurfacing treatment is deeply hydrating, calming and soothing while also actively and gently resurfacing and refining the texture of your skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.


5- Luna Nectar Neptune Hyaluronic Acid Blur Serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid, helichrysum, butterfly pea flower, and green tea. Helichrysum acts as an antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from free radicals and prevents premature signs of aging. Butterfly pea flower and green tea help to create a moisture lock over the skin, resulting in a blurred, matte finish. This serum is ideal for those that want to eliminate shine without over-drying their skin!



Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful!


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As a blogger, my content may include affiliate links from advertisers. I may earn a small commission from actions readers take on these links such as a purchase, or subscribe. All my recommendations are based on my own research and personal trust in the products that I share. I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Please consult with your practitioner prior to using any products recommended.
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