The Reasons Why You Should Leave Fragrance Out Of Your Skincare

About 9 out of 10 clients I've helped over the years, asked for skincare products that smelled good. No matter how much I've educated on the dangers of using fragrance on human skin, the expectation of having the perfect product remains. Consumers consistently come in to the cosmetic counter wanting efficacy, silky texture, more recently sustainability and ethics, but generally still won't forgo the demand for a luxurious formula that glides on and smells incredible.


With that much expectation, skincare companies oblige. They give you what you ask for because they need to stay in business by selling you products you like and enjoy. It is far too difficult to step outside the norm and make healthy, clean, fragrance-free products that will sit on the shelves and collect dust. This is why YOU, the consumer, needs to change your expectation. Leave the fragrance for your candles, and your Eau de Parfum, and leave it out of your moisturizer and serum.


Companies got creative and found ways to claim fragrance-free on their packaging by adding essential oils as natural substitutes. Natural isn't always the best option, but that is for another blog. Essential oils, when used in high concentration can be very volatile and destructive to the lipid barrier. They also have the potential to be cytotoxic, meaning they destroy living cells.


But back to artificial fragrance. Did you know that companies are able to hide hundreds or even thousands of chemicals under that ONE word? Fragrance or Perfume. Many of these ingredients are potentially hormonal disruptors and /or cancer-causing, not to mention contact dermatitis, allergic reactions and eye irritation.


In this instant gratification age, please take a moment and think about what you should want from your skincare. Don't pay top dollar for skin damaging products that may potentially cause serious health issues. To me, not worth the smell!


We've recently gotten a number of inquiries from readers requesting recommendations for safer alternatives. This is why the Beauty Doctrine team has worked tirelessly to curate a collection of skincare, haircare, fragrance and wellness products that meet our strict standards of efficacy and safety while being free of artificial fragrance, and have either no essential oils, or a minimal amount used for preserving the formula or for treating a skin concern. Please refer to our Sensitive Skin page for a selection of our favorite clean skincare products, and don't forget to check out our fragrance page containing the modern and intoxicating scents by Lake and Skye made with 100% natural fragrances. Check back often as we continue to vet, test and review clean beauty products that we fall in love with on this journey.

Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful!

The Beauty Doctrine's List of Best clean products and supplement recommendations.


As a blogger, my content may include affiliate links from advertisers. I may earn a small commission from actions readers take on these links such as a purchase, or subscribe. All my recommendations are based on my own research and personal trust in the products that I share. I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Please consult with your practitioner prior to using any products recommended.
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