The Beauty Doctrine University

Harvard-certified Clean Beauty and Wellness expert, Nadia Benchakroun, shares informative courses on how to take care of your skin from the inside out and the outside in. Nadia spent 27 years in the beauty industry building global beauty brands before she decided to challenge a trend-centric industry driven by profits, and rather become the consumers' advocate and guide. The Beauty Doctrine was born!

This is a unique series of courses that delineate the basics of skin health, challenging the beauty industry's conventional reliance on toxic ingredients, harsh procedures, injections, and other superficial methods that focus on immediate gratification, rather than long-term skin health.

You will learn everything from causes of aging to natural remedies, diet, supplementation, safe tools, and of course clean skincare.

New content is added monthly.

  1. Guide to Healing Acne Naturally - The Beauty Doctrine