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Corn Translucent Powder - Talc free

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Corn Translucent Powder - Talc free is a lightweight finishing powder suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It is formulated with non-GMO corn to provide a natural layer that absorbs excess oil and reduces redness and shine.

 Target Concerns:
→ Excess oil
→ Redness
→ Shine
→ Makeup setting
→ Blotchy skin
→ Makeup touch-ups

Skin typesAll skin types

Key Ingredients: 
→ NATIVE CORN STARCH (ZEA MAYS): Absorbs excess oil to reduce shine. Creates a natural, matte finish.
→ NATIVE RICE STARCH (ORYZA SATIVA): Helps to control shine and reduce redness. Provides a smooth texture for makeup application.
→ ZINC STEARATE: Acts as a binding agent to enhance the powder's texture. Helps to set makeup and prolong its wear.

 Corn Translucent Powder is a versatile finishing powder suitable for all skin types. It effectively absorbs excess oil, reduces redness, and minimizes shine, leaving the skin with a natural, matte finish. To use, simply apply a light layer of powder using a large powder brush, focusing on areas prone to oiliness such as the T-zone. For targeted application, use a smaller brush. Blend lightly and brush off any excess powder for a flawless complexion. This powder can be used as a setting powder, a base for eyeshadows, or for quick makeup touch-ups throughout the day, making it an essential addition to any makeup routine.

Native corn (zea mays) starch, native rice (oryza sativa) starch, zinc stearate, caprylic /capric triglyceride, triheptanoin, potassium sorbate. May contain: +/- iron oxides, CI77891