The Most Affordable and High-Performing Clean Skincare Products

What's Clean Skincare and Why Should I Use it?

Cosmetic products made without known toxic ingredients or ones that might be irritating, harmful to your body;  and are environmentally friendly are referred to as "clean beauty." 

Clean beauty is a new buzzword in the skincare industry and people are now on the lookout for products that do not contain harmful chemicals. Some skincare companies are also trying their best to make products that don’t contain these harmful chemicals.

However, as beneficial as clean skincare products are, some appear quite expensive to consumers that are used to shopping at drug stores for their beauty products. This makes a the transition to high quality products, made primarily with natural ingredients, rather than cheap synthetics, difficult. 

If you have ever wanted to get into the clean skincare world but you don’t think you can afford them, keep reading because I’ve compiled a list of the most affordable skincare products in this article. 

Bloomeffects Tulip Nectar Cleansing Cream

 The perfect everyday cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean, moisturized and restored. Developed with a fermented beta-glucan trio, ceramides, and a proprietary Dutch tulip complex. This cleansing cream will properly clean the skin without stripping away its natural oils.

This product is available for just $29.

Vivaiodays Olive Oil Gel

This all-purpose rescue balm gel magically transforms into a soothing cream on contact with the skin and brings instant relief. It can be used on the lips to the diaper area to prevent rash. I love using this as an overnight occlusive treatment to seal moisture into my skin, or during the day for that sough-after glass skin look, or what some might refer to as slugging.

It is infused with cold-pressed olive oil, sunflower seed oil, glycerin, and sweet almond oil. It is fragrance, vegan, gluten, and petrolatum free.

A small pearl-sized amount of this gel performs wonders and it costs just $24.

Romer Moisturizer

Romer moisturizer is a lightweight, clean, and effective moisturizer that instantly hydrates and moisturizes dull, tired, and dehydrated skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and delivers rich emollients for ultimate comfort without clogging the pores. 

It contains grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower extract, and other clan ingredients. It can be used in the morning and at night for more effective results. 

Romer moisturizer offers all these benefits for a mere $28

Romer Cleanser

This nourishing gel-oil cleanser gently removes the impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. It locks in moisture, soothes irritation and redness, replenishes dull and sleep-deprived skin, and reduces/prevents acne breakouts. 

Its main ingredients are manuka honey, aloe vera, calendula flower oil, evening primrose oil, and caffeine coffee extract. It also contains natural tea tree oil, green tea, and rosemary leaf oil. All these ingredients are gentle on the skin and make the Romer Cleanser suitable for use on all skin types, but especially helpful for those suffering from acne breakouts.

This will only set you back $31. A steal for the benefits & impressive ingredient list, if you ask me!

Ere Perez Cypress Face Nectar

This daily face nectar was created with the goal of revitalizing and deeply hydrating your skin. With just a few drops, this tiny bottle of excellence creates dewy skin and a lifting glow using potent and efficient plant oils. To noticeably improve your complexion, this product is infused with Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine flower, jojoba, cedar-wood, and rice.

The non-oily formula has relaxing anti-inflammatory effects, natural antioxidants, and omega fatty acids to deeply nourish skin. This lotion minimizes the symptoms of stressed or dry skin, making it ideal for both daytime and evening use.

Keeping in mind that the average serum price is $65, $36 for this product is a steal!

Salt and Stone Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

What’s a skincare routine without sunscreen? If you want a sunscreen that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is also affordable, this sunscreen is the one for you. This sunscreen is an SPF 30 lotion that is incredibly light and designed to withstand perspiration and water. 

It is a non-greasy, reef-safe product that absorbs into the skin with ease and leaves no trace of whiteness. In addition to soothing and moisturizing the skin, non-nano zinc oxide also blocks UVA and UVB rays.

Salt and Stone Mineral Sunscreen is available for $24.

Glō – Portable LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is one of the most advanced and effective treatment for both acne and anti-aging. A high quality medical grade device can cost hundreds or, in some cases thousands. I've looked at most available devices on the market, and the best deal I could find that still meets all Beauty Doctrine standards of quality and efficacy is the Glo Portable. You can select either acne or anti-aging for a mere $39. The company offers larger sizes, but the larger the size, the higher the price. But if you are on a budget, Glo is a great place to get your hands on one of the highest quality LED Light technologies on the market.

GLO LED Light Therapy Portable Device - The Beauty Doctrine

Mandelic Acid 10% + HA Peel

This is not a 100% clean formulation, but I like the price, the efficacy and the active ingredients. It offers a superficial dermal peeling that is gentler than other alpha hydroxy acids. This is due to the fact that Mandelic Acid is a large size AHA, meaning that it doesn't absorb into the skin, potentially causing irritation. It does its job (removing dead skin cells) on the surface only. I also appreciate the Hyaluronic Acid in the formula, helping maintain hydration and acting as a buffer. I recommend this product to be used once a week in the evening, ensuring ample sunscreen use the following days. Oh, and the cost is $8 in most retailers.



Clean skincare products are not only good for your skin but are also good for the environment. They are all suitable for use on all skin types and are free from harmful chemicals. The only downside is how expensive most of them are.

In this article, I’ve listed clean products that are between $16 - $36. These prices are very reasonable prices compared to other clean skincare products that generally range from $50 to $160.

You no longer have an excuse. Get clean skincare products and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful.


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