How to Reduce Fine Lines and wrinkles Overnight

How to Reduce Fine Lines and wrinkles Overnight

I cannot count the number of times I've been asked this question in my 20+ years as a skincare expert. So I wasn't surprised this morning when I received this question on our Quora page 'The Beauty Doctrine': How can I reduce wrinkles overnight?

It all depends on the depth of the wrinkle and level of skin firmness. Wrinkles are much easier to reverse when the skin is still firm, with a healthy amount of elastin. I am now in my mid-forties, and content with the fact that I have been able to reverse every fine line as soon as it began forming on my face. I have never resorted to any type of injectables, lasers or advanced facials.

I recall a time, during my divorce, when life got overwhelming and skincare was the last thing on my priority list. At times, I went days without using anything besides sunscreen if I were to go outside. Even that felt like a chore. Very shameful- I know! I visited my sister abroad and she was quick to point out the rapid and visible aging on my face and neck.

Upon my return to the US, I decided to get back on track with my skincare routine, and reverse the damage accumulated from about 5-6 months worth of unmaintained skin. Here is what I did and why:

1- Double cleansed at night with an oil and cream cleansers: My product of choice was Caudalie Hydrating Cleanser. I have since discovered Blübiome Fern Hydrating Milk Cleanser, which launched late 2020, and I have been obsessed since the day it touched my skin, literally! This was an essential step in removing dirt and impurities without stripping the skin. Keeping in mind that the most essential element in achieving healthy plump skin is moisture. Using a harsh foaming cleanser will dry out the skin putting you in a situation where you need to catch up rather than advance your skin routine.


2- Hyaluronic Acid serum or toner AM & PM: I love Agent Nateur Holi(water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Essence that contains hyaluronic acid along with other fabulous ingredients including pearl powder, rose oil and pitaya extract. This amazing formulation leaves my skin feeling perfectly moisturized and plump, and it even adds a stunning dewy glow!

3- Moisturizing mask nightly, leaving it on the skin overnight. I used Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nectar.


4- Kari Gran Essential SPF during the day: This was especially helpful because it's very hydrating. So I was able to skip moisturizer during the day.

With this routine, I was able to see instant results. My skin looked healthier immediately following application, and the fine lines were less pronounced. The most impactful ingredient is the Hyaluronic Acid, which plumps the skin right away while the rest of the ingredients work slowly to improve skin overtime. It is crucial that all steps mentioned are taken (different products could be used if you know what to  look for). Also important to mention that Hyaluronic Acid alone, can be drying - its job is to draw moisture from other products and retain it in the skin cells. So it much be used in conjunction with a hydrating toner/serum and moisturizer for optimal results.


Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful!

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