Reconnecting with Nature: The Healing Benefits of Grounding


In our modern society, it has become effortless to find ourselves confined indoors, detached from the natural world surrounding us. Yet, in its simplest essence, grounding offers a powerful antidote—a means of reestablishing our profound connection with nature and the earth itself. By embracing grounding, we embark on a journey to rid our bodies of excess ions and alleviate the burden of negative energy. This therapeutic practice, often referred to as "earthing," involves actively engaging in activities that facilitate an electric reconnection with the very soil beneath our feet.

Grounding and Science

The concept of grounding may initially strike newcomers as incredulous, evoking a sense of disbelief. Rest assured, such skepticism is perfectly understandable, for it seems almost astonishing that the simple act of spending time outdoors can effectively disperse negative energy.

Yet, let me assure you that grounding is undeniably real. In fact, its authenticity is reinforced by scientific explanations and substantiated by rigorous research studies.

Similar to how energy and frequencies from the sun, 93 million miles away, produce vitamin D in our bodies, the Earth directly beneath our feet offers distinctive energy and frequencies that have a direct impact on our health.

It is common knowledge that innumerable lightning strikes, solar radiation, and other atmospheric dynamics have an electrical impact on the surface of planet Earth. However, it is less generally recognized that these events provide our landmasses and bodies of water with a continuous supply of free electrons that give the Earth a naturally negative electric charge.   

Research shows that this very same electric charge, along with its boundless supply of electrons and their cyclical frequencies, governs and nurtures both the animal and plant kingdoms, serving as a kind of "electric sustenance." Earthing promotes a considerable movement of free electrons into the body, which results in quick, often instantaneous, physiological changes.

Connecting the body to the earth (grounding) enables free electrons from the earth’s surface to flow over and into the body. This maintains a natural internal electrical environment and offers a significant modulating effect on chronic illnesses and dysfunction.

In addition, grounding restores a prehistoric electric connection to the Earth that has been weakened over time due to modern lifestyles. What we refer to as "electron deficiency syndrome”—which is certainly a key contributor to a number of health problems—seems to be resolved by grounding.

Advantages of Grounding

  • It reduces inflammation and pain
  • Grounding can help to reduce inflammation and pain levels. A randomized control trial on massage therapists resulted in a decrease in pain levels after a few weeks of using grounding mats. Infrared sauna products are also amazing for this purpose, to learn more about it check out our blog here

  • It enhances energy levels and reduces stress
  • Everyone agrees that nature has an amazing way of boosting our moods and energy levels. 

    As I previously mentioned, the Earth's surface has a negative charge while people have a positive charge in terms of particles. When we make direct contact with the ground, extra energy is released. As a result, stress from the body's electrical systems is released, and energy from nature is absorbed.

  • It reduces stress levels and improves sleep
  • Cortisol is linked to your body's stress reaction and aids in blood sugar control, metabolic regulation, inflammation reduction, and memory consolidation. The diurnal pattern of the stress hormone cortisol begins to regulate when one is grounded. This promotes better sleep and results in a significant reduction in stress levels. If your looking for the best supplements for stress relief, check out our shopmy shelf here

    How To Get Grounded

    Having elucidated the essence of grounding and its myriad benefits, it is only fitting to delve into the practical methods of achieving a grounded state.

    The most prevalent approach to grounding involves venturing outside and treading upon the earth barefoot. Some individuals even go the extra mile and embrace trees in an act of connection and rejuvenation. It may elicit a chuckle, but I must confess, I have experienced it firsthand, and the sensation is truly remarkable! :)

    While immersing oneself in nature certainly facilitates grounding, it may come as a pleasant surprise that you can also attain this state of connectedness from the comfort of your own home. Yes, you read that right—it is an undeniable reality. There exist ingenious devices crafted from materials that simulate the experience of being amidst nature, aiding in grounding and bestowing all its associated benefits.

    In the subsequent sections of this article, I have curated a comprehensive list of such devices specifically designed for indoor grounding, ensuring you can effortlessly embark on your grounding journey regardless of your surroundings.

  • Higherdose Infrared PEMF Mat
  • The Infrared PEMF Mat is the ultimate healing tool as it combines two potent healing technologies. While the profoundly penetrating heat of infrared therapy increases your DOSE, PEMF grounds you in the magnetic field of the earth for a total body reset. 

    You might ask “how does it work?” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy emits electromagnetic waves that mimic natural frequencies found in nature, stimulating and encouraging your body’s natural recovery process. 

    The benefits of PEMF alone are out-of-this-world (literally, astronauts used it to recover from a debilitating space mission). However, the benefits are even more powerful when paired with infrared’s deeply penetrating heat and twenty pounds of healing crystals layered inside the mat, which produce negative ions when heated.

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  • Ouzazoos Grounding Sheet 
  • For the first time, high silver fiber and pure natural cotton are used in the grounding sheet, and the silver fiber content reaches 10%. The high content of silver fiber greatly improves the conductivity of this grounding sheet and makes the grounding bed sheet have a better grounding effect.

    This grounding sheet is very simple and convenient to use. The product set is equipped with a 15 feet grounding cord. One end of the grounding cord is connected to the sheet and the other end is inserted into the grounding jack on the wall, so the grounding function can be realized. The sheet can also be washed like an ordinary bed sheet and this will not affect the conductivity because it is very durable.

  • Backlaid Universal Grounding Mat

    Apart from being used as a sleeping mat for better sleep and more energy, this grounding pad can also be used as a footpad. Just put the grounding mat on the floor when you are walking or standing to connect the earth, or just move the grounding mat down to your feet area.




    Regular practice of grounding is essential, as it profoundly benefits both our psychological and physical well-being.

    Granted, it may pose challenges to engage in the traditional form of outdoor grounding. However, with the advent of these remarkable grounding devices, you can essentially have the best of both worlds. You no longer need to venture outdoors to experience the transformative grounding process; instead, you can revel in its advantages from the comfort of your indoor sanctuary.

    For individuals who find themselves predominantly confined indoors, these grounding devices are an indispensable addition to your life, ensuring you can embrace the profound benefits of grounding without compromise.

    Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful. 


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