Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Best Beauty Gift Ideas 

Wondering what to get mom this upcoming Mother's Day?  

From beauty devices, to products, to fragrances, we've got you covered! 

Give the gift of clean beauty with The Beauty Doctrine’s approved Gift Guide of favorites. Show mom how much you care, getting her cleaner fragrances and candles, or high quality beauty tools. Here are a few of our top picks:


1- Beauty Tools & Devices

If you're shopping for a beauty lover, it's almost guaranteed that they will love and appreciate an anti-aging device that works real magic. These two devices do just that. This first device is a skin tightening, facial reshaping tool that uses thermal mapping innovation for immediate, professional results. Included is the Tripollar prep gel that when used with the STOP X device accelerate the natural production of skins collagen. The tool heats deep within the layers of the skin, which encourages elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin. 

TriPollar Stop X Rose

Tripollar X - The Beauty Doctrine

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Or, Revive LED Light Therapy Panel 

The Beauty Doctrine founder, Nadia, raves about this LED light therapy panel and claims it is a ‘miracle product’ for reverse aging. This device is proven to go deeper into the skin's surface to stimulate cell energy, boost collagen production, and reduce wrinkles. It also improves joint health, scar reduction, inflammation reduction, and treats hyperpigmentation. The panel can be used in quick, 3-minute sessions that will provide you with amazing results, right at home. 



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Because it is an LED light therapy, it does not contain ultraviolet (UV) rays, meaning there is no risk of cancer-causing damage. This product is medical grade, FDA-cleared, and costs $399 dollars (worth the value considering you can use it any time at home). The red light is used for aging, blue works for acne and inflammation, while invisible infrared light works best for pain. The other benefit of this device is that you can use it on any area of the body that you feel needs it.  More on LED Light Therapy benefits here.

2 - Hair Styling Tools

AMIKA Double Agent 2-In-1 Straightening Blow Dryer Brush

A two-in-one blow-dryer straightening brush that simultaneously takes hair from just washed and damp to dry and sleek, all in one tool! This handy tool is suitable for all hair textures and types.


T3 Singlepass Curl Professional Curling Iron

Beautiful curls for days! If you or someone you know is lusting over a new curling iron look no further than this one. Enhanced with Digital T3 SinglePass technology and custom blend ceramic surface, the SinglePass Curl 1.25" Professional Ceramic Curling Iron creates shiny, long-lasting polished curls with ease in just one pass.


Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted Hair Brush

The perfect gift for the hair lover in your life without breaking the bank. Protect your hair from breakage with the most essential daily hair tool we all need! This all-in-one brush safely detangles without snagging or tugging while its bristles gently exfoliate the scalp, effectively lifting any product buildup and naturally increasing shine.

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3 - TBD Virtual Consultation (get them the gift of good skin) 


Virtual Skincare Consultation - Get your custom clean beauty routine  | The Beauty Doctrine


Book a virtual consultations with leading skin expert, Nadia. The consultation consists of a skin and/or hair assessment, along with an assessment of your current skincare routine. We’ll then design a personalized beauty routine to fit your current needs. This takes the guesswork out of buying products off the shelf that claim to be “anti-aging” but actually contain harmful chemicals that you probably wouldn’t want to gift someone. Let us do the work for you by finding the cleanest beauty products that are right for your special person.

You can book a virtual consultation directly from our home page

4 - The Beauty Doctrine Custom Beauty Boxes   

Select your beauty box theme and leave the rest to us! You can select a box by skin type or category (ex: skincare, haircare, or surprise!...), and let us take care of your gift curation. There are 4 different clean Beauty Box packages to choose from, Deluxe, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; all of which increase in their value and come with a variety of wellness and beauty products shipped right to their door. It is a guarantee that she is getting beauty products that she deserves, only the very best. These Beauty box packages make for a perfect clean, sustainable gift for anyone in your life.  

For a limited time, Mother's Day Beauty Boxes are available with savings over 50%.

Custom Clean Beauty Box - The Beauty Doctrine  


5 - Natural & Clean Candles 

The Beauty Doctrine Candle

A natural, eco-friendly candle that's handmade with a blend of vegan Coconut and Apricot waxes, high quality fragrance oils, and organic cotton wicks. It makes the perfect gift because you can customize the front by adding a label with mom’s initials or a personalized message. It comes in three scents; Amber LeatherSage, and Sandalwood, all of which will naturally fill your space with a pleasant aromas and non of the toxins that mainstream candles emit.




We have also included a selection of candles that we provide in The Beauty Doctrine’s ‘Home’ section, like the Salt & Stone Saffron Cedar candle. These candles are safe to burn in your home and are made completely natural with a Coconut/Soy wax blend. The benefit of Soy wax is that it’s biodegradable and has a lower melting point meaning they burn slower and for longer. Soy wax produces less soot than regular candles and does not require chemical amplifiers to enhance the scent. If your gift recipient is a candle lover, make sure to switch them over to natural ones :)  




6- Natural Fragrance   

If you did not already know, synthetic fragrance is terrible for your health. There are thousands of chemicals being hidden within perfumes/fragrances that consumers use daily. Companies get away with this by listing these chemicals under the word “Fragrance” on the ingredients lists. These chemicals are harmful to human health because their potential hormone disruptors, can be cancer-causing, and cause other reactions or irritations. This is why the Beauty Doctrine team has worked tirelessly to curate a collection of skincare, haircare, fragrance and wellness products that meet our strict standards of efficacy and safety while being free of artificial fragrance. More on unsafe ingredients in mainstream fragrances here. 


Lake and Skye Natural Fragrance  | The Beauty Doctrine



Though it’s a nice thought to gift an expensive perfume from a department store, stop to consider what that fragrance is hiding in its ingredients. The only way to go with fragrance is to find 100% natural ones. A great option to choose from is Lake & Skye’s natural fragrances, Echo Lake and Canyon Rose which retail for $98 dollars. This brand makes their perfume 100% synthetic-free, vegan, and cruelty free. Their scents are nature inspired while using notes of florals, sandalwood, vanilla, and juniper.

7- Shiatsu Heated Massage Pillow

Shiatsu Neck and back Massage Pillow - The Beauty Doctrine

This Boriwat Shiatsu  Back Massager with heat, is one of my favorite wellness gadgets of all time. It is ideal for a neck massage, which is important to soften facial muscles (yes, massaging the back soon the neck can soften your facial tension and reduce wrinkles!). It's an amazing tool to use at the end of the day to relax and unwind. Ideal for neck and back. I even use it on my legs and anywhere that feels tight.



Conventional retailer's shelves are terrifying, and filled with options that have false claims and toxic ingredients. You want to give someone you love, products that take care of their health, and impact their body in a positive way. The best way to do this, is with clean beauty... Look no further than at The Beauty Doctrine ;)

 Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful. 

Please note: I make a small commission when you use my links to shop. Please do so if you like my recommendations. This helps support the hundreds of ours my team and I invest in research and finding the healthiest beauty and wellness options for consumers. We appreciate your support!


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