Anima Mundi

ANIMA MUNDI Chocolate Protein Superfood Powder

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Protein powder formulated a blend of adaptogens and superfoods such as cacao, maca, cordyceps, and Suma (Brazilian Ginseng), used for energy, resilience, and strength. This blend is high in fiber and protein, making it an excellent choice for pre and post workout. 


  • Good source of sustainable energy
  • Helps during recovery
  • Treats adrenal fatigue
  • Contains lots of nutrients
  • Rich in plant-based protein



Add 4 tablespoons to the food or smoothie of your choice. For better results, use pre and post workout.

Size options: 1.25LB (567 G)


Pea Protein*, Pumpkin Seed Protein*, Sacha Inchi Protein*, Brown Rice Protein*, Cacao (Theobroma cacao) Bean*, Carob*, Baobab*, Maca*,  Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) Mushroom*, Cinnamon*, Suma*, Yacon*