The Beauty Doctrine was born from a deep passion for clean beauty and skin health. As insiders of the cosmetic industry, we recognize the rising tide of awareness surrounding ingredients and their effect on not only aging, but overall health. While there are a number of well-meaning brands that are trying to deliver on their commitment to clean beauty, the majority of cosmetic companies upped their marketing game to maintain sales, creating their own definitions of what clean and healthy is. To some, clean beauty requires 100% natural formulas, while others argue that synthetics are the way to go. Then you have the emerging clean beauty retailers advertising long lists of dirty or banned ingredients, giving way to claims such as ‘toxin-free’, ‘Paraben free’, etc. What we haven’t seen is focus on the formula itself. ‘100% natural’ does not equate to safe or healthy. A simple example is the use of lemon, citrus essential oils and other irritants in products, which can be detrimental to the fragile lipid barrier. We often hear; ‘If it’s good to eat, it’s good to put on your skin’. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bodies are equipped with a sophisticated digestive and lymphatic systems that are able to effectively process acidic foods and filter out toxins. Whereas, our skin is a fragile organ that is exposed and more vulnerable than most of us think. 

As we studied product formulations on clean beauty retailers’ shelves, we were often appalled at some ingredient combinations such as Retinol and Vitamin C, which can be damaging to skin. We’ve seen alpha hydroxy acids in high concentration in products designed for day use, products marketed to sensitive skin that have witch hazel, lemon and fragrance. We’ve also seen Parabens being replaced with other less well-known preservatives that have the potential to be just as harmful. In short, our work is cut out for us!

We are here to simplify the research process. We sort through the clutter and see beyond badges and other marketing tactics. We focus on what formulas are made with, not just what they’re made without. Our months of research, and decades of experience, lead us to a very small list of products that we are proud to share with you. We’ve read hundreds of labels and tested hundreds of products. We look for brands with heart, those that care as much as we do, if that’s even possible ;). We’re not here to represent any one brand, but to be your personal guide in your skincare and wellness journey. Just like you, and our brands, we are a work in progress. We invite you to join us on our long journey towards healthy glowing and radiant skin… Check back often as we grow our brand community.