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ANIMA MUNDI Organic Mangosteen Hibiscus Vitamin C Beauty Tonic

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Embrace the ancient wisdom of the rainforest with ANIMA MUNDI Organic Mangosteen Hibiscus Vitamin C Beauty Tonic raw and certified organic Mangosteen and Hibiscus blend, cherished by indigenous peoples for centuries. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, both Mangosteen and Hibiscus offer a multitude of benefits, including inflammation reduction and immune support. The peel of the Mangosteen fruit, in particular, boasts an abundance of vitamin C, promoting strong immunity and nourishing the blood and gut.

→ Immune Support
→ Cardiovascular Health
→ Skin Health

Key Ingredients:

Essential for collagen synthesis, promoting skin, cartilage, and blood vessel health.
Strengthens the body's ability to ward off infections and maintain immunity.
Critical for wound healing, bone repair, and dental health.


Polyphenolic compounds found in Mangosteen, particularly in the rind.
Supports cardiovascular health and protects against cellular damage by free radicals.
Demonstrates powerful antioxidative properties and promotes a healthy immune system.

Contains significantly higher phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity compared to the fruit.
Provides a holistic spectrum of impressive compounds, including vitamin C.
Included in various products for its immune-boosting and collagen-supporting benefits.

Add this blend to your favorite beverages or recipes to experience its nourishing effects. Incorporate into smoothies, teas, or even salads for a boost of antioxidants and vitamin C. Listen to your body's intuition and adjust the dosage according to your preferences.

Mangosteen peel powder*, Mangosteen Fruit powder*, Hibiscus flower powder*