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Agent Nateur holi (mane) Hair Skin Nails Supplement Collagen

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The ultimate collagen supplement for radiant skin, shiny hair and strong nails. Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding but always check with your doctor first. 

10.6 oz / 300 grams

Pearl powder The richest source of calcium on the planet. Stimulates the appearance of collagen production and regeneration for youthful, clear skin and healthy hair and nails. Its high magnesium content also lowers stress levels and protects against premature aging.

Marine collagen An absorbable, sustainable type 1, 2, 3 and 4 collagen derived from the scales of wild-caught, deep-sea fish. Helps to promote hair and nail growth, boost skin, support healthy joints, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

crushed pearl powder, *marine collagen.
*made from non-gmo, wild-caught, kosher fish.