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Agent Nateur Holi C Vitamin C Powder

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Agent Nateur Holi(c) is a revolutionary anti-aging solution featuring a unique combination of calcium and vitamin C in their most stable and potent forms. This innovative dry powder formula ensures maximum effectiveness – it won't oxidize, delivering all the regenerative benefits your skin craves. Simply blend holi(c) with our holi(water) to activate its power and reveal a visibly transformed complexion.

Target Concerns:

→ Say Goodbye to Blemishes
→ Combat the Signs of Aging
→ Experience Gentle Yet Effective Care

Skin types:

All skin types

Key Ingredients:


 Clinically tested to promote elastin and hyaluronic acid production, leaving skin plump and youthful.
Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: A stable form of vitamin C, it brightens and evens skin tone while fighting free radicals.

To unlock your holi(c)'s full potential, cleanse and tone your skin first. Prep with holi(water), then mix holi(c) with holi(water), or another toner and pat onto your face, neck, and décolleté. Finish by massaging an oil serum or moisturizer to lock in moisture.

*calcium ketogluconate, *sodium ascorbyl phosphate. *Ecocert approved in Europe for organic cosmetics

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