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Not Coffee Blend

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NEW SIZE 8.81 oz (250g). The old size in image (124g) has been discontinued.

Not Coffee offers you what regular coffee offers you but without the caffeine. Containing about 1/40th of the caffeine in regular coffee, this blend was created for coffee addicts who are looking for a healthier alternative that nourishes the mind and body without taking away the unique coffee taste that they love.


  • Supports mental and physical stressors
  • Supports reduction in anxiety
  • Helps cardiovascular health
  • Contains antidepressant properties
  • Improves resistance to fatigue

Directions: Add 1 Tsp of Not Coffee in 100ml of hot water. Stir with your desired sweetener and your frothed desired milk. Your Not Coffee is ready to enjoy!


    Organic cocoa powder 10-12% alkalized, Wildcrafted Organic Chaga 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic Gotu kola, Organic mesquite whole pod powder, Organic Ashwagandha root, Organic Nettle leaf powder, Organic yacon root, Organic Fo-Ti, Organic reishi 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic Cordyceps militaris 10:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic lion's mane 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Himalayan Shilajit (powder 50% fulvic acid), Organic cinnamon, Organic guarana seed powder, Himalayan pink salt.