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Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

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This Infrared Sauna Blanket is designed to increase the body's thermal energy, encourage relaxation, and promote glowing skin. Made from non-toxic PU leather, while being water-proof, fire-proof, and melt proof with an easy exit, industrial zipper. 

It also has a charcoal layer made of crystals and clay that will promote deeper reset and relaxation. This unique blanket's far infrared heat promotes a full-body detox, reduced inflammation, and improved circulation by increasing heart rate. Cozy up with your sauna blanket after a long day and experience relaxation like never before. 


How to use: 

- lay a towel or insert inside to provide a layer between you and the blanket

- preheat your blanket for 10 minutes by selecting a temperature on the dial 

- slip into your sauna and zip closed for a 30-45 minute session 

- rinse off in a cold shower to cleanse your body and cool your system 

- use weekly as needed for stress relief & relaxation 



Heat Zones: One heating zone
Display: 1-8 level
Control: White color handle held controller
Voltage: 100-120 Volt (US/Canada model); 220v (UK/EU models)
Wattage: 350-420 Watts
Amps: 4-5 Amps
Timer Settings: 1 hour
Electrical Field: Low EMF
Warranty: One-Year limited warranty. See details here.
Size: 71 x 71 inches (180 x 180 cm), unfolded. Maximum interior circumference when in use is approximately 65 inches (165 cm)