The Best Sustainable And Clean Beauty Products

What’s sustainability anyway? Glad you asked! The answer to this can be so complex and multifaceted when you really think about it. We all are knee deep in consumerism. Every time you purchase a tangible item, you are buying goods which eventually end up in landfills. When you take a long shower, you are wasting the world’s most scarce and valuable resource; water. Yes- you may not realize how scarce it is when you live in the developed world, and you have it readily available at your fingertips, in unlimited quantities, literally! Meanwhile, the majority of the world’s population struggles to get access to clean drinking water. You might not think about sustainability when you reach for your bar soap, unaware that its principle ingredient is Palm Oil, which in most cases, is extremely destructive to the environment when harvested, requiring palm forest to be burned and orangutans to lose their habitat. Do you think about sustainability when you buy your well-researched clean and environmentally conscious moisturizer, and have it delivered to your home in a large Amazon box, driven by a delivery truck permeating polluting emissions into the air on its way to you?


The purpose of this intro is to simply make the point that we can all do better. Every brand we will list in this article can do better, but we applaud them for the effort, not easy and most often, an expensive endeavor. Some brands are into environmental consciousness for its own sake, while others [not mentioned here] are simply greenwashing to join the ‘trend’ and sell more products to an increasingly aware consumer. We also applaud YOU for being here. It means you care, and so this article is designed to help enhance your awareness and challenge you to look beyond the label on a product, or a vegan certification. Let’s all do better!


Let’s first establish The beauty Doctrine's criteria for what we consider sustainable [or at least on the way to sustainability]. We look for these elementary pillars: Cruelty-free, Vegan, non-toxic, Palm Oil Free, environmentally friendly packaging [recyclable at the least, but ideally; post-consumer recycled,  plastic-free or packaging-free], waterless [most beauty products are diluted with water, which essentially makes up to 95% of the formula], Ethical sourcing [caring about where the ingredient comes from; and its human, animal and environmental impact]. We also consider multipurpose products. For example, balms that can be used for face, lip, body, etc. Hence, using less containers and resources.


Being beauty industry insiders, we have seen first-hand how difficult it is to distinguish brands that don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. But our best efforts led us to these superstars:


  • Loli: We’ve hand-picked our favorites that met all of our criteria. Loli was the obvious first choice for a multitude of reasons, besides being a staple in all of our shelves and in our daily skincare routines. Let’s go through the list;
    • Zero waste: Package-free -meaning no secondary packaging (box), and upcycled food grade ingredients.
    • Waterless: concentrated formulas that use hydrosols, oils, and powders that you can mix with water or toner for application.
    • Multi-purpose: I am currently obsessed with the Date Nut Brûlée. Where was this my entire life? I finish off every night time routine with it, use it for my lips, cuticles, hair and sometimes to cleanse my face or to give extra moisture, or glow, to my dry cheeks. When my jar is empty, I plan to use it for home made preserves. Any decadent recipes out there? Please share!
    • Toxic-free: no preservatives, known toxins and best of all; using all organic ingredients.
  • Upcircle: Another industry leader in sustainability, repurposing food waste, such as coffee ground, apricot and date seed powders and maple bark extract, harnessing their potent antioxidants in the 100% natural and results-driven formulations. We hand-picked our faves here:
    • Body Scrub: Rich in Grapefruit, Sea Salt, Tangerine and Coconut Oil blended in Shea Butter and coffee grounds. Once I got past the urge to slather this delicious-smelling paste on my morning toast, I got to slathering it all over my winter skin, AKA dry and textured... ouch! Keeping in mind the rich formulation promising a multitude of skin benefits such as fighting cellulite, increasing elasticity, hydrating, softening and detoxing; I left it on for about 5 minutes [highly recommended], then proceeded to gently massage my entire body, focusing on knees and elbows. I emerged anew! Simply a must this winter. When you pay $20 for 200ML of goodness, you’ll emerge with a big smile on your face as well
    • Body Cream: Staying on the body topic, you’ll need this cream readily available as soon as you leave your shower for deep comfort, moisturization, and nourishment. I love that richness Shea Butter affords this formula, which is naturally rich is anti-aging Vitamins A & E, as well as essential fatty acids for long-lasting comfort while maintaining skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • Liha: One of our key pillars at The Beauty Doctrine is ‘LESS IS MORE’. We are constantly on the hunt for simple formulas that pack a punch! Well- you can’t go further than Liha! Offering two Shea Butter moisturizers, each have ONE principle ingredient. You guessed it; Shea Butter . There isn’t a skin condition that Shea Butter couldn’t improve. Pick the Ivory Shea Butter when you want a light texture, and the Gold Shea Butter for a rich, rare and well-kept Nigerian beauty secret. This is incredibly helpful for skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis or simply winter dryness and sensitivity. Remember- when you limit your ingredient list, you limit your susceptibility to reactions.

We can’t talk about Liha without mentioning their top-seller Idan Oil. With a list of two but mighty ingredients, this versatile oil is now a staple in my bath. Free of emulsifiers, this formula hardens in cold temperatures. I run it under warm water for a couple minutes and apply it on damp skin for hydrated, and naturally fragranced skin before I leave the shower. Done and done!

Let’s not forget the principle purpose of this article. Liha is another package-free, plastic-free, recyclable, ethical, waterless, multipurpose, cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic, to name a few reasons we’re infatuated with this brand.

 We are still in the beginning of our sustainability and clean beauty journey. Please join us!!! This article will evolve and the list will get longer, so make sure to subscribe, and check back often.

 Be well. Be safe. Be beautiful!

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The Beauty Doctrine's List of Best clean products and supplement recommendations.

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